BMM Spotlight: Prince …the Trailblazer of Music Independence (Video)


The music business has changed a lot over the years with the inception of music downloading sites like iTunes.  A lot of artists are not interested in signing with the big companies anymore in an effort to make the best deal possible…independently.

Prince is a trailblazer and musical genius that has been at the forefront of informing artists on remaining a true artist that maintains artistic control over everything their create.  According to Black Enterprise:

“In August 1991, Prince inked a $100 million deal with Warner Bros., making him the highest-paid artist at the time. The deal included two joint record companies as well as a vice president post for him. In 1993, the pop and rock icon would become “the Artist Formerly Known as Prince” during a legal battle with the label over artistic and financial control of his music. After a long, highly publicized battle, in which he began performing in protest using only a symbol as his name, he was able to gain release from the contract, serving as one of the most prolific public examples of an artist’s success in standing up for his artistic beliefs and financial due.”

Prince is still helping artists to realize their worth by being a great role model for musicians.  In February, Prince charged his fans £1.13 to download the video for his new song, “Screwdriver”.  Some fans were definitely upset by the move, but Prince is also very generous as The Independent reminded those fans that Prince charged an affordable £31.21 for his O2 residency shows, and then gave away two albums to fans for free.  

All Hail the Prince!  Read more here about the elusive purple one or watch his biography below.

-J.C. Brooks

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