Man Gets 50 Years In Prison for Stealing Ribs?? (Video)

man gets 50 yrs steal ribs-waco stmt
The Assistant District Attorney feels quite confident about the decision to imprison Willie Ward for 50 years over a slab of ribs, according to the above statement he made to the press and printed in the Waco Tribune.

Texas is home to some of the most notorious criminals in government (not saying any names), yet they have the nerve to be one of the most least tolerant states when it comes to crime.  They will put you on death row in a heartbeat and will not let you rest there more than 10 years.  They take it seriously.

Willie Smith Ward is a Texas resident that has seen his troubles with the law, but judging from his past, he never thought he’d get 5 decades in prison for stealing.  And no, he didn’t steal a car, rob a bank, or pull off the jewelry heist of the century…HE STOLE A PACK OF RIBS!

According to the Huffington Post, the repeat offender was stealing a slab of ribs from a grocery store in Waco, Texas, when an employee rolled up on him and asked about the bulge in his clothes.  Well, once he was stopped, the ribs fell to the floor and he told her he had a knife.  The misdemeanor then turned into a felony.

But, like the reporter states, even with a laundry list of felonies and other offenses on his record, nothing equals 50 years.

man gets 50 yrs steal ribs

This has got to be one of the most blatant abuses of justice the court system has ever seen.   The Houston Chronicle thinks it’s funny that this man will essentially lose his life for the offense, saying:

“In short, it seems that Ward has something of a criminal history that probably had at least as much weight with the jury as the theft of those particular pork slabs of deliciousness, explaining the sentence. But still, here’s hoping he did enjoy those ribs and that they came out succulent and delicious with either a dry rub or a really fine barbecue sauce. If he serves the entire sentence, each year of his life will be worth a $.70 of those ribs.”

Okay…we have to start a campaign to free Willie Ward! Let’s see your outrage!  Check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. At least he no longer has to worry about having to steal to eat. Glass half full folks, glass half full.

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