Jokey Joke: He’s the Greatest …Treadmill Dancer (Funny Video)

Unidentified man includes "treadmill dancing" in his routine.
Unidentified man includes “treadmill dancing” in his routine.

Everyone has their own fitness tricks that keep them motivated to do what’s necessary to stay healthy everyday. Some people enhance their fitness routine with different moves or routines weekly.  Some just freestyle on a treadmill.

One guy at the gym is not mad that he has to be there.  He’s an unidentified treadmill dancer that has a routine on the treadmill that better not be tried by anyone that has any type of awkward athletic ability because they will fail in a disastrous way.

David Wilson, posted the video to YouTube.  He’s a guy that obviously goes to the same gym and is entertained by the fellow gym mate’s routine on the treadmill.  He thought it would be great if the rest of us got a gander at the guy’s entertaining routine; his dangerous dance routine on the treadmill that is replete with twirls and spins and no hands dancing

Dan Le Betard’s Highly Questionable internet show, that consists of a father and son in what appears to be their kitchen/studio,  got wind of the video and they offer ridiculous commentary, that is almost as entertaining as the treadmill dance guy.


-J.C. Brooks

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  1. Thats an angel he cant be human hell no lol!! Wow amazing he is definly enjoying his life!!

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