Jokey Joke: ‘Don’t Whoop Me! I Can’t Take It Anymore!’ (Video)

Little Mr. 'Whoop Yo Own Ass!'
Little Mr. ‘Whoop Yo Own Ass!’

Let’s start off by saying, these children today need their little rusty butts beat more often.  They are cussin’ and fussin’ their way into everything their little hearts desire and it has to stop.

For some reason World Star Hip Hop always are able to find a bad little kid that’s been videotaped having a good ol’ time cussin’ and having his say.  Well, we’ve found yet another that isn’t that bad, but had a little bit of a potty mouth and had some sort of toy addiction.

Well the little man was negotiating with his mother about why she shouldn’t beat his butt and that his toy addiction was of no fault of his own.

“God made me this way!”

What? Then he tells his mother:

“Don’t whoop me !Don’t whoop me! I know who you need to whoop.  Whoop yo own ass.”

Wow!  I just want to find out what school he goes to.  He’s a bad influence on the rest of the little toy addicts.  Check out the adorable little fella. (wink!)

-J.C. Brooks

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