10 Weirdest Beauty Treatments for Mom

placenta cream

It’s time for Mom to treat herself, so keep the cards, chocolate, flowers, and lobster flowing!  But if you have a more adventurous mom, she might approve and attempt something new in beauty treatments.

The UK’S Stylist has put together the World’s 10 Weirdest Beauty Treatments that seem to be all the rage in Europe and used by some celebrities. We’re going to start with a few that we found to be some of the most unusual treatments we ever heard of …and that authorities might need to look into.  We’re going to begin with fish pedicures. Yikes!


The client comes in and dunks her toes into a foot bath full of tiny Garra Rufa fish.  The little toothless piranha-like fish munch on your feet and toes until all the dead skin is gone.  So for those moms who haven’t had enough attention given to their feet, here’s a little afternoon delight.

Next! The Bee Venom mask filled with of course, bee venom, promises to lift, tighten, and firm everything in your face without all the nasty little stings.

The next item on the list, we’re just going to let the report from Stylist explain:

bird poop facial

“Known as the Bird Poop Facial in New York and the Geisha Facial in London, this unique treatment stems from Japan and involves drying bird droppings under UV lights then mixing with rice bran and water and applying as a face mask, producing fresh and glowing skin.”

bull semen conditioner

Oooookay, but there’s another treatment that is for the confident woman…the Bull Semen conditioner offered at Hari’s hairdressers in Knightsbridge, London.  There’s a ton of jokes, all in poor taste, that we could use right here, but we’re not going to be so crass.  We will say that the bull semen is “combined with the root of protein-rich plant katera to massage into their hair as part of a deluxe blow-dry.”  Moving right along….

Check out the full list of adventures that women take to be beautiful for their man.  Fellas, you’re going to have to give her another dozen of somethin’ after reading all of this.

-J.C. Brooks



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