Detroit Resident Melinda Brown Duncan Tells Why She Should Run the City (Video)

Melinda Brown Duncan lets the city of Detroit's government have it!
Melinda Brown Duncan lets the city of Detroit’s government have it!

The residents of the city of Detroit has been under fire from every direction of the city’s government. ¬†From the governor’s office to the mayor’s office and city council, the residents have been catching hell!

But Melinda Brown Duncan is not planning on keeping that a secret! She’s mad as hell and told the local Fox 2 News all about it. ¬†She admitted that she is not a government official, but she’ll “learn, quick, fast, and in a hurry.” She told Fox 2 News reporter Maurielle Lue,¬†that she could do a much better job than the present mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing.

“Dave Bing ¬†and the governor, y’all problem is that y’all just sittin’ up there collectin’ checks! If y’all really wanna run the city of¬†Detroit,¬†come around here and every block of the city of Detroit, look through these houses, if they ain’t no good tear they asses down, so people could stop finding dead relatives in these damn houses!”

The rant went on for a full minute and she didn’t leave any rock unturned in telling the city’s government how she felt about the way the city was underpaying officers and other crap that has been going on in the mismanagement of the Motor City. ¬†Then, she offered a solution to the city’s problems.

“If not, put my ass in office i’ll show you how to damn run the city of damn¬†Detroit¬†.. That’s why people don’t wanna come to the city of¬†Detroit, ’cause¬†y’all sorry asses not gettin’ off yo asses and doin’ sh*t…. So kiss my black ass and get off of office, BYE!”

In all of her huff and puff, she forgot to give her name, so Lue asked her name.

“My name is Melinda Brown Duncan, baby! Now!”

But while Melinda Brown Duncan was telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, Fox showed their true intent of obtaining and posting her remarks. Underneath the video on their site, they give a brief description of the video and then write:

“Nothing more to¬†write¬†here, just play the video to get 1:10 seconds of ‘keeping it real.'”

Fox 2 News, we have some other folks that want to keep it real with you.  Let us know where they can meet you.  Check out the interview! Hats off to Melinda Brown Duncan, baby!  She, as Fox News states, keeps it real!

-J.C. Brooks

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