Tanning Mom Launches Rap Career? (Video and Audio)

"Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil hits the booth with new single available on iTunes today!
“Tanning Mom” Patricia Krentcil hits the booth with new single available on iTunes today!

If you thought the woman popularly known as the tanning mom was ridiculous for being in denial of her tanning regiment, taking her daughter to a tanning salon, and the fried skin she thought was so attractive, you have a new item to add to your list.

Patricia Krentcil is now launching a rap career.  Now, it’s not a certainty if she is going on tour anytime soon, but she will be launching her new single on iTunes today.  She starts her chart stopper with “It’s Tan Mom….. bitch!”  Not sure if that’s the title, but it goes downhill from there.

The single was written and co-produced by singer Adam Bartais, according to News.com.  Krentcil appears to be under the influence of something other than stupidity.  But, hey, we shouldn’t speak too fast. We’ve heard some pretty dumb songs that have sold well!  Naaah! We’re gonna go out on a limb and say THIS IS NOT GOING TO SELL!

Check out the report as she talks about her single and her new best friend Adam Bartais.  The tune is also below.

-J.C. Brooks


5 thoughts on “Tanning Mom Launches Rap Career? (Video and Audio)”

  1. I feel so bad for her daughter…1. Almost had her daughter taken away from her. 2. Topless, showing all her breast 3. Who told her she was fine and could rap.

  2. Honestly SweetPea, this is such a sad specimen, I don’t even have the stomach to go at her anymore. And shame on whoever is filling her head with the notion that she’s fine AND talented, because surely someone is.

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