U.S. Gets New $100 Bill with Advanced Security Features to Stop Counterfeiters


If you’re guilty of swiping a card every time you make a purchase, then there isn’t a good chance that  you will notice the newest changes in American currency.

The $100 bill is undergoing a sort of bill-lift to enhance the security of the bill because counterfeiters have become advanced enough to duplicate the bills with high effectiveness. The bill is set to hit the market in October and will still bear Benjamin Franklin’s face, according to CNBC.

“The new notes, which cost slightly more to produce, also feature a bell image inside a picture of an inkwell that changes from copper to green when tilted, as well as a large “100” that does the same.”

The bill’s authenticity is ensured by the Secret Service which contends that there are only a “tiny” amount of counterfeit bills are in circulation.  But the $100, because of its wide circulation throughout the world, is the most replicated of all the other bills.

It seems that someone is not being completely honest when they are making these reports.  If the amount of counterfeiting is so minuscule  the original plan to launch new bills were so pricey they were delayed from February 2011 to now, and the billions of $100 bills out there will still be honored, why is it that this pricey undertaking is necessary.

Things that make you say “hmmmmmmmm.”  If you want to read all about what’s being changed which seems to reveal a little too much, read more here.

-J.C. Brooks



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