Jokey Joke: Twerker Gone Wild! (Videos)

twerker gone wild-library

There has been a bit of a buzz on Facebook for at least the last couple of weeks about a woman who might be mentally disturbed and is twerking all over the place.

Have you seen her?  She goes by the name of Caramel Kitten.  She’s twerking in the Walmart, in the shoe store, in the library, at the mailbox, IHOP, Subway…you name it.  It seems she has to twerk there.  And yes, I said the library.  So how do you keep all that “clappin'” noise down while in the library?  Don’t worry, she doesn’t even try. If that sounds nasty…it is!

twerker gone wild-store

The woman has a dedicated cameraman that must double as her security team, otherwise, her jig would be up! In fact, she gets busted at the IHOP!  The police can’t arrest her because she hasn’t stripped to put on her shows, but there has to be something to arrest that butt for! Sheesh!

twerker gone wild-payless

But maybe we shouldn’t have her in our Jokey Joke section because there may be a real undiagnosed mental condition here. Check her out! She’s a real daredevil…among other things.

-J.C. Brooks
Twerkin’ at the Walmart:

Twerkin’ at the library:

Twerkin’ at the IHOP and Subway:

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