New Baltimore Raven Linebacker Arrested a Week After Being Picked Up by the Team

Rolando McClain arrested just one week after signing with the Baltimore Ravens, April 12, 2013.
Rolando McClain arrested just one week after signing with the Baltimore Ravens, April 12, 2013.

The Baltimore Ravens are the reigning NFL champions, but they are at a loss in different positions on the team.  Ray Lewis left a gaping hole in the heart of the team when he retired from the inside linebacker position he held and replacing him is not going to be easy.

So far, Rolando McClain has been officially signed to a one-year, $700,000 deal on April 12, as the team’s attempt to fill the position.  But, the 23-year-old linebacker has been riddled with problems on and off the field…but mostly off.  A week after he signed he was arrested in his hometown of Decatur, Georgia, for some sort of disturbance that included police, according to the Baltimore Sun.

They report that the incident stemmed from an event in the park that drew 700 people:

‘The latest incident occurred there Sunday night after police responded to a report about a disturbance in a local park, which is a popular area hangout. Witnesses told police that McClain was spinning the wheels on his Chevrolet Chevelle and “attracting attention” to himself when somebody spit on his car, according to Lt. John Crouch, a public information officer for the Decatur Police Department.”

As McClain was walking past an officer, he yelled to the crowd, “[Expletive] the police,” according to a news release released by the Decatur Police Department. The comment was loud enough to be picked up on the officer’s microphone. 

The Ravens administration have yet to make any comment on the event and status of his contract with the team, but according to the Sun:

“McClain’s deal included incentives but no signing bonus, so releasing McClain wouldn’t cost the Ravens anything.”

McClain must be a great player because his record is filled with incidents of this nature and he was suspended by his former team the Oakland Raiders, before they released him April 5.

“With the Raiders, he struggled on the field and even was suspended for two games last year by Oakland coach Dennis Allen for conduct detrimental to the team resulting from McClain’s demotion from the starting lineup. But McClain’s biggest problems have always been off the field — and seemingly in Decatur, where he went to high school.”

So far, he’s out of jail after posting a $1,000 bond, but a city prosecutor is reviewing his previous two arrests to get the bond revoked and have him marinate in a cell until May 7.  Sunday’s incident was his third arrest in 16 months, and all of the trouble has been in Decatur.

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-J.C. Brooks

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