Dedicated Chinese Reporter Covers Massive Earthquake in Her Wedding Dress (Video)

china earthquake-wedding dress reporter

Saturday, the Sichuan Province in southwest China was the location of a massive earthquake that displaced thousands and killed nearly 200 people.  The event, like the Boston Marathon bombing, sent people into a frenzy and willing to do whatever they could for their fellow man.

One reporter was en route to her wedding when the earthquake began in the city of Ya’an.  But her wedding was not a deterrent to her important job of reporting. Somehow, someone got a mic to her and she took to the streets with a cameraman and reported on the area to give viewers the most updated information, all while in her wedding dress, according to the Huffington Post.

The woman was not phased by the fact that her wedding was interrupted in such a dramatic fashion and that it turned into a work day for her.  Many members of China’s Twitter-like social site, Sina Weibo, praised her professionalism.  You think she’ll get extra time off or some sort of pay raise?

So far, there has not been a report of a rescheduling of her wedding, but we have to take our hats off to her for her dedication to the city of Ya’an.

See her in action below.

-J.C. Brooks

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