Chicago Woman Has Been Arrested Nearly 400 Times

Shermain Miles has been arrested by Chicago Police 396 times since 1978.
Shermain Miles has been arrested by Chicago Police 396 times since 1978.

Some people enjoy crime no matter the penalty that comes along with it.  But when you think of those kinds of people, you think of sick sociopaths that may be mentally ill that are serial killers or worse.

Well one Chicago woman, Shermain Miles, has given the term “repeat offender” brand new meaning.  Miles, 51, would be considered a real-life Madea with the complaints that some people have against her.  One person said she held them at gunpoint and even Chicago Alderman James Cappleman said she chased him down and she robbed a 75-year-old at knife point.

“For the sake of Ms. Miles and the community, it’s time to take the next step to ensure the community is no longer terrorized by her behavior,” the alderman wrote in a letter to the review board.

Mujo Cesic, who authorities said Miles held at gunpoint, said he wants to see her stay behind bars.

“She should never be released,” he said.

It appears Miles has been quite the neighborhood menace.  She’s homeless and her charges go all the way back to 1978.  She has 396 arrests that include theft, prostitution and what appears to be harassment.  So far, Alderman Cappleman is trying to get her locked up until 2014 and have her undergo mental testing that will ensure she is no longer a bother to the community.

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-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Chicago Woman Has Been Arrested Nearly 400 Times”

  1. This is how they treat the mentally ill. She has robbed a 75 year old woman, chased an alderman, robbed someone using a knife and gun and been arrested almost 400 times. As soon as she hurt or kill someone that’s when they would be ready to lock her up and throw her under the jail.

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