Georgia Billboard Detours Immigrants to South Carolina

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free” must only apply to a small area around the Statue of Liberty where it’s printed because some states are not being so friendly or welcoming to those arriving in the country.

According to CBS Atlanta, a billboard was placed along Bellsferry Road in Canton, Georgia, telling illegal immigrants to keep on trekking through the state to South Carolina if they are looking for jobs because the jobs there are for those who are residents of the area. The Dustin Inman Society, lead by D.A. King, is responsible for the sign which reads in big, bold print:  “South Carolina Welcomes the Undocumented.”

The billboard was put up in response to legislation drafted and proposed by republican senator Lindsey Graham and a group of senators known as the “Gang of 8” in an 844-page draft of the bill submitted on Wednesday morning.  The bill would raise then number of visas offered to foreigners while also placing billions of dollars into increased border security.

King figures that if Graham wants to make it easier for illegal immigrants to come in and take American jobs, his words not ours, let Graham and his buddies  host them and provide all the resources they need.  He wrote on the billboard:

 “Sen. Lindsey Graham says His State has a Labor Shortage and Wants More Immigrants.”

Then he goes as far as to post his number, location of his office, and a link to a site to get further information.  Wow!

Check out the report and meet Mr. D.A. King.

-J.C. Brooks

CBS Atlanta 46

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