Detroit Man Shot by Passenger in Car, Crashes, and Witnesses Rob Him? (Video)

Man caught on video in Detroit robbing a man after he was shot in the head by his passenger and lay unconscious in his BMW.
Detroit man caught on video in robbing a man after he crashed his BMW on Detroit’s Eastside and lay unconscious in his vehicle.

Just when I thought there couldn’t possibly be anymore news out of Detroit that could be shocking, here comes a story where a man crashes his car after being shot by his passenger.  Believe it or not, that isn’t the shocking part.

The man was driving on the Eastside of Detroit on Gratiot Ave. when his passenger shot him, but then he lost control of the car and hit a pedestrian.  Now comes the shocking part.  The gruesome scene did not set off an alert to the witnesses to get help. No! The witnesses began to rob both the bloody driver and the pedestrian, according to a Fox 2 report.

“He was sittin’ there bloody, he didn’t have any capacity. I said don’t nobody touch him,” one unidentified witness told Fox 2. “This guy came up to him and just like started pattin’ his pockets and stuff and shakin’ them and then just robbed him. He probably stole like $7 to $10,000 from him, a cell phone, like a brand new Rolex, and he stole his gun too and just walked off.”

The robbery took place during the half-hour it took ambulances to respond to the scene.  The witness told the reporter that the shooter just rolled out of the car like “some movie star scene stuff.”

“It’s just like grimy. It show you what the city done came to, like how the climate is in the city.”

But let’s not peg the whole city as a bunch of low-life thugs because of the poor choices of a few.  Obviously, some called the police and there are many more that would do the same.  The footage of the man robbing the driver may even help police catch him as they search for the shooter.

Watch the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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