Study Finds Women Prefer Tall Men with Large Penises…Duhhh! (Video)

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Some of the supposedly scientific studies performed are a waste of time, energy, and money.  The latest study to find out what women like in their men is a perfect example.

International scientists claim that there have been conflicting results in the past, so they are finally going to clear up the controversy of: DO WOMEN REALLY LIKE LARGER PENISES.  And, drum roll please, the unequivocal, absolute truth of the matter is YES! Women like a tall man with a larger penis, according to the study reported in the New York Daily News.

Somehow, the study was also able to conclude that prehistoric women chose to mate with men with larger penises, which helped to develop more men with larger penises in today’s society. So, I guess we can assess from this scientific information that there are more men with larger penises than those less endowed.  Ok.

Moving on.  The clincher in this, is one, they couldn’t determine HOW BIG is big and the study was done with Australian women and anatomically correct robot males.

“More than 70 percent of the women were of European origin, 20 percent were Asian and seven percent were from elsewhere. Their average age was 26.”

Looks like there needs to be a do-over because judging from those results, we are back at square one.  Read more on this laughable study here.  Oh yeah, check out the video below to find out why one couple divorced over penis size.

-J.C. Brooks

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