Jokey Joke: Drunk Wedding Guest ‘Crashes’ Festivities (Video)

drunk gone wild wedding

Have you ever attended a wedding or was a part of the planning of a wedding and the couple cringe at the thought of family members they know they have to invite?  They know that it is a certainty that certain people in both of their families will surely show their behind.

One couple saw their wedding reception come to an abrupt close with the help of one of those guests we’re sure they did not want to invite.  But, they were gracious and the inevitable happened.  Now whoever posted the video to YouTube, labeled it, “Drunk Brings The House Down”, so we can safely assume that her actions were due to her being inebriated or in other words…drunk off her ass!

The reception was being held outside underneath a tent and everyone knows that a tent is held up by its poles.  And these poles are not like the poles in a basement, rented hall, or strip club, they are weak and/or fragile.  So when homegirl, aka the drunk, made her first attempt to dance with one, someone should’ve cut off her drinks and sat her butt down with a pot of coffee.

But, even with the bride throwing disapproving, dagger-like glares at the woman, no one intervened.  The woman was all over the place with the moves of a belly dancer/stripper.  The pole seemed to be an elusive stranger that she unreservedly flirted with by grabbing it, throwing back her head, then walking away, then DIVING on it.

The rest is history and a crushed bride.  Check her out.

-J.C. Brooks


One thought on “Jokey Joke: Drunk Wedding Guest ‘Crashes’ Festivities (Video)”

  1. 1. You should have known there would be trouble when she showed up in a read dress. 2. She dancing around the pole with a drink and yelling. 3. She put the drink down. 4. That’s all she wrote.
    People in my family just would have been mad. I would not have invited the trouble makers you know gone show off. I feel for the bride; she wound up with a bloody nose. Knowing me I would not have let this go. Commence to the honeymoon and it’s on with I get back…LOL

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