Woman Mistakes $40 Million Winning Ticket for $40,000! (Video)

Maria Carreiro, 51, dances to the beat of $40 million dollars in lottery winnings.
Maria Carreiro, 51, dances to the beat of $40 million dollars in lottery winnings.

We all run out to get our tickets when the lottery jackpots get high.  We figure we’ll take a chance and maybe our couple dollars will turn into something we always dreamed of; even if it’s only the consolation prize of a few thousand or a couple dollars for getting some of the numbers.

Well one grandmother, Maria Carreiro, 51, of Toronto, thought she had won $40,000 in Ontario’s lottery, until she shared the news with her daughter.  The Portuguese immigrant’s daughter looked it up on the computer and found that her mom had made a small error, according to CNN International.  Carreiro said her daughter said to her:

” ‘Mommy, you’re $40 million richer.’ ”

Then, what came next was a reaction that we all would’ve had.  She RAN DOWN THE STREET TO THE STORE TO VERIFY HER TICKET…on foot! She said she’s taking all of her kinfolk to dinner for “all you can eat!” And she did her happy dance for everyone to see.

She said she never had a honeymoon with her husband of 30 years and they’re headed to Hawaii!


Check out the report.  Her happy dance will make your day.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Woman Mistakes $40 Million Winning Ticket for $40,000! (Video)”

  1. What a blessing for her and her family. Struggles and over now the biggest struggle begins. Keeping and doing right with it. Cry no more everthing will be alright.

  2. congratulations this is the best winner dance I have ever seen. I am so happy for you and your family. all the best

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