Fourth Grader Commits Suicide After Alleged Difficulty with Family Transitions

Justice Williams (center) poses with her mom and little brother in a Facebook post.
Justice Williams (center),9, poses with her mom and little brother in a Facebook post.

Children are getting more and more perceptive about the atmosphere they live in and they are incapable of processing the emotions that come with it.

Justice Williams was in the fourth grade, but she, like more and more of our children, are being transitioned into emerging families where her mother, Tamiqua Torres, is starting a new life with a new spouse and new baby.  But Justice expressed the extreme distress she was experiencing with all of the changes in her mother’s life.

Her mother sought counseling for Justice after she explained that she “wanted to die” after the news of her mother’s pregnancy.  But, her mother’s actions, unfortunately, were not enough.  Justice was found hanging from a steel frame in the shower of their Bronx home. Certainly, her mother thought she had taken the appropriate action and all was fine, but nothing could be further from the truth as her daughter decided to take her life.

“We were as happy as happy could be until one day my then-8-year-old woke up and decided that she wasn’t exactly thrilled about being a Big Sister,” Torres wrote in January.

Torres married Raymond Torres in 2011, but the problems didn’t arise until Justice learned of her mother’s pregnancy.  There is nothing we can do to console this family, but the purpose for bringing this story to our readers is to make us all aware of the transitions that our children experience.

We often hear that children are resilient, but if ever you even think your child is experiencing an unhealthy level of depression with the changes in your or their life, give them all of your attention. They need to know that they’re paramount in your life and nothing will change in your love and support.

Rest in Peace, Justice.  You will never be forgotten.

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-J.C. Brooks

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  1. I feel so bad for this family. I can’t imagine what this mother is going through. My condolences to the family and my prayers go up and out for the soul of this child.

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