UPDATE: Ohio Father Arrested After Being Identified in Video Beating Daughters (Video)

Greg Horn, 35, is identified as the father caught beating his daughters with a black cable cord, has been arrested and charged.
Greg Horn, 35, is identified as the father caught beating his daughters with a black cable cord, has been arrested and charged.

Well, that didn’t take long!  It is obvious that most of society and more importantly, the law, will not tolerate folks beating their children like it’s the 60s or 70s anymore.

On Wednesday, we reported on the viral video of a father seen beating his daughters for making a video of themselves “twerking”–the dirty dancing move that requires twirling and gyrating the hips and butt in a sexual maneuver.  The father and his daughters have now been identified and the father has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment, according to the Daily Mail.

Greg Horn caught on video beating daughters.
Greg Horn caught on video beating daughters.

The footage is of 35-year-old Greg Horn of Dayton, Ohio, and his 12 and 14-year-old daughters.  According to the report, the girls intended to post the video of themselves twerking on their Facebook page, but that was not why the beating ensued.  The girls said they were being beaten for sneaking out of the house.

The girls had been visiting their dad at his home, but once they returned to their mother’s home and she saw the welts and “open wounds,” she alerted police.  Horn is set to be arraigned on April 16.

Watch the report.  The man has now become the poster child for Child Abuse Awareness month.

-J.C. Brooks


11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ohio Father Arrested After Being Identified in Video Beating Daughters (Video)”

  1. If he had been caught on camera beating a dog, he would have been arrested. Why do people think that this type of violence by a man toward any female is accepted? And this from a part time daddy. What the hell did he think was going to happen when they went home? He should really be glad they have a mother who alerted the authorities instead of taking matters into her own hands. God willing, she has enough functional brain matter to deal with her hootchified daughters without resorting to physical violence.

  2. back when I was growing up ,, my mom and dad gave us spankings, and the government could not control my father or what we did in our home, it was called Iam the parent and you are the child, this government got these kids brainwashed, now they want to arrest this man, for spanking his kids, and then they let pedophiles go and live in our neighborhoods, and help them find jobs, and get them back on there feet, what kind of message is this, you cannot tell a man or a woman who has children , that they cannot spank or punish there children when they get out of line… Pedophiles can rape boys and abuse kids all day, and get counseling, but this man goes to jail, there are so many pedophiles walking around, but they tell you,, you cannot abuse or spank your kids,, ( give me a break),,,,,

  3. well kay, what I was trying to say now they tell us not to abuse our children and people who really do,, don’t get a long sentence, and the government has no right to tell us that we cannot spank our children, this is the problem, these parents want to be there children’s friends,now they call it abuse when they whip or spank there kids, the government really has brainwashed our children. the laws are contradicting themselves, we cannot spank our kids, we cannot punish them in any way,, What put them on time out,,they call it violence now, and abuse, but why? because of the government tells us NO you cannot do that. well, So now they call it physical Violence being committed but why? do you think they have changed it all around, because they want our children to run crazy and act like heathens in the streets and sell drugs, and put them in prison and then blame it on the parent, OH you didnt do your job,,, Now Iam surprised this woman even called the police because most woman have patiscipated in the murder with there men or boyfriends in there children’s deaths, women are helping men dump there children, in there graves, so why? kay are you thinking this is okay. they tell us everyday please dont spank or Discipline our kids but pedophiles can do it everyday, and not even get sentenced. tell me why? kay has these laws are different now/…… please tell me.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, Joey!! thank you for your very accurate post. And its funny how the dad is arrested for disciplining his YOUNG daughters for acting like whores for all the world to see, but the mother does nothing? These girls will end up having kids oow because mom sounds like a pushover, and the girls are popping their fast butts for attention.

    And yes, pedopiles are treated better than fathers like this one.

  5. This pissed me off so bad….we damned if we do, we damned if we dont….when the kids out here in the streets committing crimes, the police knocking on the parents door….when we try to discipline them so they wont be out here in the streets….the police knocking on the parents door….i cant believe how times have changed for the worse…the government has everybody controlled & brainwashed, especially these dumb kids….I GOT MY ASS WHOOPED, i was bad, i deserved every HIT i received but im also a productive, non violent, respectful adult also as a result of those ass whoopings….these kids today are disrespectful animals….because of no discipline…..If i was him…from this point on i would wash my hands of them girls and be done….he wasnt even whipping them for making a twerk video, he whipped them because they snuck out the house….12 & 14 years old…..they’ll be dead or pregnant within a year or 2….smh

  6. colis thank you for your wonderful words and that it was well said and well written but you know some folks don’t agree but I really don’t care,thank you for your support and remembering when we got OUR butts beat, and you know we didnt talk back to anyone, my mother told me to always respect our neighbors, and if she heard that I talked back to anyone, she was going to whip my behind, my brothers and sisters, knew that my mom was not playing, we she said I’m not your friend your friends are out side, I’m your mother not your playmate, she meant that, she put the fear of GOD in us, so back then, and now, it so sad that, are young youth are out killing each other, and doing such defiled things and then they tell the parents OH you cannot whip your kids that is abuse, but they help pedophiles find jobs when they are released, and they can come and live our neighborhoods.now what is the difference pedophiles take little boys and girls and abuse them ,, but we cannot spank or discipline our children, whatever form we want to us,, THe Laws are so messed up,,, but thanks for your support and realizing that times are changing ,,, but that does not mean I have to jump/on the bandwagon, peace and love to you and your family Colis. JOEY….

  7. them hoochie girls are lying he lay down the old school ass whoopin gt arrested and you know what? next week they will be back on shakin dem asses

  8. Now since dad is locked up they will be back on the computer twerking and momma will be with them. He probablay was going to whoop them for sneaking out when he walked in and caught them twerking. Shameful. I don’t even think they will learn from any of this. Now this man has a record for trying to correct his 12 and 14 year old daughters. You may or may not agreed with the way he handle it but he handled it the way his parents handled him and it work. I remember back in the day when we got whoppings from the neighbors if they caught you doing wrong and yes they told on you and you got another whopping. So you can think what you want to think Dad should not be locked up.

  9. @sweetpea thank you for your support and I think we both know we are from the old school, and that is what our parents did, they whoop are butts, and that is the bottom line. love and peace to you and your family stay wise and stay encouraged and stay blessed.

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