Madea and Ms. Sofia Encounter One Another in Quest to find OWN (Video)

Madea meets up with Ms. Sofia to try and find OWN.
Madea meets up with Ms. Sofia to try and find OWN.

By now everyone has heard about Tyler Perry being enlisted by Oprah to help with developing fresh new content for her network.  But, Madea ain’t havin’ it, unless she can be a viewer.

Tyler Perry and Oprah have not only joined forces to create programming for the OWN network, but they have also created a new ad to promote the new changes coming to the network.

These two come together as Ms. Sofia and Madea to get viewers excited about the changes that are coming and help everyone find their way to the network by May 28 and May 29, when they plan to launch their new content.

Oprah is really having fun with this one as she reprises the role of Ms. Sofia from the Color Purple and the unforgettable lines she used on Ms. Celie in the field…with a twist:

“All my life I had to fight!  I had to fight the press folks! I had to fight the ratin’s! I had to fight them haters! Girl child ain’t safe in a world full of cable channels!”

Watch for yourself! Hilarious!

-J.C. Brooks

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