Man Beats His Daughters After Discovering Their “Twerking” Video (Video)

Father beats daughters for making a "twerking" video.
Father beats daughters for making a “twerking” video.

The internet is littered with videos of women and girls turning their butts to the camera and twirling it around for everyone to see.  But while we complain of the lewd behavior, more and more of them populate YouTube and/or social media sites.

Most people are upset with the younger girls, teenagers and children, doing what is called “twerking” for the camera.  The twist of the hips and butt are the moves of a stripper, but many amateurs attempt the moves as best as they can.  But, according to the Daily Mail, one father discovered his daughters twerking for the internet and he was not havin’ it!

The girls and their father are all still unidentified, but the ass whoopin’ he put on them is quite familiar.  He was not going to allow them to shame and/or disrespect themselves with that type of display.  Before you knew it, daddy’s cheese slid off the cracker, he trapped the girls in 1974, and a full fledged beating took place.

Father beats second daughter for participating in a "twerk" video.
Father beats second daughter for participating in a “twerk” video.

He had each one of the girls go to the wall and get their licks from what appeared to be a black cable cord.  They screamed for mercy, saying “Daddy, I’m sorry!” But he unleashed his fury on their butts for at least five or six lashes.  As he strikes each one, you can’t help but feel sorry for them.  And the way he threw his weapon down at the end of the beating seemed to exhibit his complete disgust with what they had done and possibly with what he thought he was forced to do to them.  But, whatever the case may be, you can bet they will be camera shy for a while.

Do you think he was wrong in disciplining them this way? And who taped it?  Did they get caught mid “twerk” and the camera just happened to catch the beatin’?  Or did he mean for every daughter out there that wants to put her booty in the camera and twerk to get the message? Watch the video.

-J.C. Brooks

14 thoughts on “Man Beats His Daughters After Discovering Their “Twerking” Video (Video)”

  1. If you can’t figure out how to use your head instead of your hands when disciplining your children, you’re not smart enough to have them. Btw, no man should ever hit a girl or a woman – especially in anger. This “father” is a lazy, out of control coward who resorted to using brute force on two girls instead of dealing with his children in a civilized manner. Violence begets violence. My dad beat me with an extension cord for dancing on Sunday. When he got so tired he had to lay down for a nap, I beat his head in with a Coke bottle. He was seeing double until the day his stupid ass died. And I still dance on Sunday.

  2. More like twelve or thirteen times buddy. I’m completely disgusted with what this father did. There was no need for such excessive force. I’m from a household that has had a fair amount of beatings but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a father be so brutal, so savage toward his children. At most a few spanks on the fanny would’ve been passable, not to say I approve mind you but it wouldn’t be nearly as terrible as what this man did.

  3. I loved every lick he put on them. It’s time that Parents start being Parents and stop being friend’s of their children. ‘Some Ole’ Skool’ ass whipping. Good for him. And that nonsense of Psychologists saying this is brutal etc., etc., etc., I saw ‘Bull@#@#.

  4. I think “the father’s cheese slipped off the cracker” is a very accurate description and although I can’t justify his behavior I can empathize with his moment of temporary insanity after seeing his baby girls twerking and presenting themselves as whores for the world to see. He was no doubt out of control and the level of violence was brutal but I can’t rush to call him a villain because I think what he walked in on took him out of his correct state of mind.

  5. He better sleep with one eye open!!! I’d flip on mine too but that’s HELLA outta line…you’d think he caught em as porn stars or something!!! SMMFH!!!

  6. In this day and age it is very hard to be a controlling parent-the gov’t allows so many loop holes to children over the age of 12 in having a say in how they are raised.My father only ever punished me once and he cried harder than I did..What these girls did is obviously wrong but look at society and what our children are being shown is acceptable, especially girls.What this father just taught his daughters is that next time they will just be smarter and not get caught..

  7. Administering punishment to our children is never a favorable task -no matter how it is packaged. However, these two will forever respect themselves and shy away from being the exihibitionists they have portrayed themselves to be in this video. Spare the rod? I think not.

  8. I am all for using your hands or belt/strap to discipline children. I think these “go think about what you did and let’s talk about it later” parents are full of it. They raise some of the most selfish, entitled, rude kids who don’t know the consequences of their actions. The way kids/teenagers talk to their parents is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Parents are scared of their kids and that’s just wrong. Now, the dad did go a bit ham and cheese on them, especially the second daughter. But, has anyone noticed the increasing amount of sex crimes that teenage males are committing? Young men grow up on porn and think that treating a “slutty” girl like crap is acceptable. When girls are shaking their butts and hanging out oral sex like mints it doesn’t help set these boys straight. Look at the case that just happened in Ohio when those young men didn’t seem to understand that what they were doing was wrong or that it was rape. This dad doesn’t want his daughters to put themselves in a position where men disrespect and use them sexually. Let’s face it, men don’t look at a twerking girl and go “aah, I can tell that she’s a kind, compassionate woman with a great deal of intelligence”. A lot of young girls and women are not respecting themselves or their bodies. I think this dad was saying, “your booty ain’t butter so don’t spread it around to any piece of dry ass bread that comes along”.

  9. If you want kids breaking in your house, stealing from people, cussing out strangers, getting your daughter pregnant, sneaking out, committing crimes, breaking the law……DON’T WHOOP THEM! People and society have got things twisted! Discipline your damn kids! If you dont, they’ll eventually be standing in front of a judge someday, pleading for their life!!!!! You idiots that “talk” to your kids, or give them the “whisperring of a lifetime”, will be loosing your minds when your telling your kids “i love you” from BEHIND PLATED GLASS!!!

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