Japanese Plant Worker Puts Acid in His Female Co-Worker’s Shoes

acid in woman's shoes japan


Have problems between you and a co-worker escalated to the level of gun play and/or an altercation?  There are too many of you with your hands up!  And those of you raising your hands, stop reading right here.  We don’t want to be the cause of you losing your job because you got some bright idea from this story.

Japanese police arrested Tatsujiro Fukazawa, 40, for allegedly trying to kill a female co-worker by putting hydrofluoric acid in her shoes.  The acid burned her left foot so badly, that the tips of all five toes caused gangrene and the tips of all five toes had to be removed, according to CNN.

It isn’t unusual for the workers in plants in Japan to remove their shoes when going in areas with “controlled environments.” Police contend that the man had “romantic feelings” for the woman.  Either Fukazawa was a fatal attraction or he made advances that were not reciprocated which caused such a vindictive act.  At this point in the investigation, there isn’t any further information.

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-J.C. Brooks

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