The Most Unacceptable Child Toys Ever! (Videos)

Questionable slide that produces children at the end?
Questionable slide that produces children at the end of their ride.

When we reported on the sexual hygiene products Thursday, we didn’t think we would be able to top unacceptable or socially awkward consumer products so soon…but we have!

We have run across “15 Unintentionally Perverted Toys for Children” as it pertains to the site  They make mention of the self-fulfilling Tarzan, if you know what we mean. Also, the Dora water game that is shaped in the form of male genitalia, and certainly last but not least, the sodomizing Rafiki figurine? Yikes!

Rafiki questionably positioned with Simba.
Rafiki questionably positioned with Simba.

Hopefully, these products and toys never hit the market, but it’s clear that they were manufactured for that purpose.  There’s also the Wolverine blow up doll with its blow spout improperly located on his crotch.  Where’s the control groups? No one caught any of this stuff.

Tarzan gone wild!

But the biggest travesty of all is the big ….ummm…penis slide and Pikachu’s …just look at this stuff for yourself.  You won’t believe the companies that produced this stuff did not see these flaws.

Questionable penis-shaped slide.

To see more, go here.  We are completely freaked out by what we’ve already posted!

-J.C. Brooks


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