Steubenville Rape Case Inspires Clever PSA Featuring Rape Scenario (Video)

psa for rape response steubenville

The controversial Steubenville, Ohio, rape case that resulted in the conviction of two football players has hopefully made more young men wake up, to not just the repercussions, but the indelible mark they leave on the human spirit of another human being when they decide to violate a woman in this way.

But in case the awakening isn’t happening fast enough, student Samantha Stendal at the University of Oregon took it upon herself to make a public service announcement responding to the Steubenville case that opens with a foreboding overtone by sort of recreating the video the men put online as they violated a drunk girl.  A young man is in a room with a seemingly drunk young woman lying on a couch as he walks up to the camera and says, “Guess what I’m going to do with her.”

The video concludes with a remarkable ending that has caused the video to go viral with nearly 1.5 million hits in just five days.  It’s clear that the video’s title “A Needed Response” is true.  We are not a society of violators but a society with violators within it and all of us could use a reminder to continue to drive this message home:  NO MEANS NO, BUT SILENCE MEANS RESPECT ME.

Check it out!  Show this to every young man you know.  Please!

-J.C. Brooks


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