CPAC Conference Attendee: Slavery Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ to Frederick Douglass (Video)

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When you think of the most egregious racist remarks possible, this one will never cross your mind.

During a CPAC Minority Outreach Panel a couple weeks ago, the issue of slavery became a part of the discussion as the moderator talked to his audience about a letter that Frederick Douglass wrote to his slave master forgiving him for the harsh treatment he received. But he could barely get the words “forgiving” him out of his mouth before an audience member said “For giving him shelter and food all those years?”

You might be saying, well what’s the big deal?  That’s what we expect of the Conservative Political Action Committee members.  And that is the problem in a nutshell.  The republican party does not want to be viewed as racists, but this is the average rhetoric that we associate with their group.  Something that will never win an election in a country that elected a black man, not once, but twice!

Listen to Joy Reid of the Grio.  She does a great job of explaining the problems that the Republican party faces now and in the future as it is apparent that they will never learn.  But what boggles our minds even more is how this party attracts black folks!

-J.C. Brooks

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