Janet Hubert Enraged by Wendy Williams Goes Off via Blogtalkradio! (Audio)

Janet Hubert of the Fresh Prince took to Blogtalkradio to show her disgust with Wendy Williams.
Janet Hubert of the Fresh Prince took to Blogtalkradio to show her disgust with Wendy Williams.

Wendy Williams has incensed a lot of celebrities during her career as talk radio and talk show host.  The most well known dispute that seemed to catapult her from a local New York radio show host to a household name, is her infamous beef with Whitney Houston. But, even Whitney’s tirade on her show pales in comparison to the choice words Wendy’s newest enemy has for her.

Well, maybe she isn’t that new of an enemy.  Janet Hubert, who was the original Aunt Viv on the now defunct Fresh Prince, has had a problem with Wendy Williams in the past. Last year, during the time of Whitney’s death, Hubert wrote an open letter chastising Wendy for “crucifying” Whitney while she was alive.  But this time, she felt directly insulted by an interview Wendy Williams had with Tatyana Ali on her show.

Tatyana Ali interviewed on Wendy Williams show.
Tatyana Ali interviewed on Wendy Williams show.

Janet Hubert took to Blogtalkradio Wednesday, to express why she felt compelled to address Wendy Williams for bringing her name up, incorrectly, during her interview with Tatyana.  She started off with details of her day and how she overheard Wendy Williams say her name wrong and it was ON! from there.  She said she wanted to see Tatyana Ali, but I cringed as she called her a “child.” Young woman, maybe, but not a child.  She confirmed my discomfort with her use of the word when later in her rant she said that Wendy Williams reduced Tatyana to a “child” during the interview as she tried to “pull this nut out of her.”

She said that she promised herself she’d never do this again, but she wrote another letter to “make sure she heard it.”  It started with:

Dear Whittey, William, whatever you’re supposed to be, I’m not quite really sure.  I’m writing to you yet again to appeal to your sense of womanhood or manhood, as some suggest, to simply close your mouth on things you know nothing of.

She said that Wendy Williams was calling herself putting “an end to the mystery surrounding [her] departure” from a show she left so long ago that she didn’t even remember why she left.  But, it seemed that it all hit a nerve and she went on to say:

You are such a demon, Wendy. You are wicked, awful, conniving, sinister, spiteful, jealous of every other woman. Simply put, Wendy, you are a virus and you are not nor have you ever been a true woman.  Wendy girlfriend, you just messed with the wrong sister!

And she offered Wendy some advice:

  • Stop fidgeting with yourself on camera.

  • Wipe your giant teeth off-camera.

  • If your sweater is pulling, honey, until there are lines across your chest, it’s too tight.

  • Take off the fake blonde hair or you gotta stop playing the race card ’cause you come off as a wannabe white girl, who will never be white…I have never seen such a display of self-hatred, Wendy.

And these are just some highlights from her speech.  Check it out for yourself.  You think Hubert took it too far?  Is she also making black women look bad?  What do you think?  Tell us after you get a listen.

-J.C. Brooks

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7 thoughts on “Janet Hubert Enraged by Wendy Williams Goes Off via Blogtalkradio! (Audio)”

  1. Ms. Hubert don’t let some ignorant rants of wendy williams get you all bent out of shape because she is not confident with herself. this is why she rants about GOSSIP,
    I love your show, Ms. hubert and you are still one of the best actress I have seen.
    Wendy is ignorant and this is how she sells herself. please don’t let Satan ruin your day or still your joy. wendy is just a media circus. and she will be gone soon. because people are not watching her show like they use to, I don’t watch because she is so rude and cruel to her guest, and she thinks she is so real ,, but she is just a fantasy.
    so don’t let this woman ruin your joy. she is not worth your letters or your attention.
    she is just a passing-fancy. A passing thought. she has some issues of her own, and what we have to do ,, is let her hang herself like she is doing now. so Let the LORd handle wendy she does not deserve your attention(bottom line), wendy is just not worth it.

  2. I loved Ms. Hubert on Fresh Prince. That is why I want to know what happened. Why did the “real” mother and aunt, get displaced. I love Wendy. I do not know what the issue is for Ms. Hubert to go off on Wendy. Even if it was 50 years later I want to know why the best mother on Fresh Prince was removed!!! ( Could it have been color, hue, complexion?)

    Wendy is reality TV to the … degree. Wiping teeth, pulling at her clothes. Did any of you think that the reason she is loved by so many fans, is because she is clumsy, tall, big, loud, real, foot in mouth, omg, what did she say…. just like me…us..we…people who do not act or look like you..them..those. Is it alright for me to exist.? Then why can’t Wendy. Living Large on TV!!!!!

  3. Roslyn
    your feedback is wonderfully stated. no one is gonna vote for wendy for public office, but they do applaud her because she says the things out loud that we only wonder to ourselves. is her view sometimes a little biased based on the image or relationship she has w/the individual or subject matter in her head? sure it is…but then aren’t we all biased in our thoughts? Must say i didn’t like Wendy whenever i heard her segments on the radio years ago, but TV has allowed me to see her in a different light and take her for what she is…pure entertainment!

    Hell, Wendy ain’t the first one to say that “Aunt Viv” was a bit of a flame thrower, and as we can see here, they might be grounded in their assessment…

  4. I agree with Ms. Hubert because she is right on point. Wendy is the worst representation of black women. She is everything that black people shouldn’t be and continue to disgrace our race to no end. I still think she’s a tranny.

  5. Really!! I was watching the show that day? Wendy didn’t ask anything that was offensive or negative n regards 2 her IMO. Hubert seems the 1 with the problem. She seems extremely bitter. If she hates Wendy so much why was she even watching the show????? & all the name calling!!! Seriously!

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