Girl Hides In Closet During Burglary and Robbers’ Voices Heard by 911 Operator (Video)

Young girl hides in parent's closet during a home invasion.
Young girl hides in parent’s closet during a home invasion.

There’s nothing more unsettling than the thought of having your home burglarized, especially while you’re still in it.  Now imagine a child or young person at home alone when robbers bust in.

That is exactly what happened to 15-year-old Doian Oladipupo.  But, she was smart!  She grabbed a phone and ran into her parent’s walk-in closet and called 911.  Her thinking was so quick and courageous that moments later the 911 operator could hear their voices right outside the door, according to southern California’s NBC 4.

She wedged herself under a rack in the closet and held on to the operator’s every word as she hid and waited for first responders to arrive at her Chula Vista, California home. The next thing that happened was terrifying.

“Robin, Robin, bring it over here. Bring the bucket over here,” the robber said. “I can hear them. Don’t talk,” the 911 operator instructed Oladipupo.

The men then came into the closet and they did not discover her.  The 911 operator gave her non-verbal instructions to follow to let her know she was okay.  She assured her that help was on the way, including a police helicopter.  Once they came outside of the house, police arrested three teenagers, one 18-year-old and two 17-year-olds who had the Oladipupo’s belongings in their stolen car.

Check out her chilling story.  Thank goodness she was not harmed.

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. Bless that 15 year of for not panicking and the operator for helping her stay calm.

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