Florida Set to Brace for Giant Mosquitoes This Summer (Video)

giant mosquitoes in florida

Spring is almost here and we’re already planning for summer.  We’ve planned out clothes, weight loss, and vacations  but we have not planned for the insects.  Who’s thinking about that?

Well, Florida residents are thinking about it.  The eco-experts have come forward to put the state on alert for mutant mosquitoes they expect to descend on the vacation hub.  According to Florida’s Fox 35, the mosquitoes are huge and referred to as “gallinippers.”

The Psorophora ciliata, or gallinippers are about four times larger than the average Florida mosquito and they are mean.  They bite everyone, pets, fish and eat the average mosquitoes as well.  Insecticides containing DEET can be used against them, but entomologist Phil Kaufman said they may even be able to withstand it.

According to the experts, their sting feels like someone stabbing you.  It hurts and they are aggressive.  The only good side to them, if there could possibly be one, is that they do not spread disease like the West Nile Virus.  Also, they are found in more marshy areas, so they may not be found in the city.

So you may not want to rethink your travel plans, but you better be prepared for these things.  Check out the report!

-J.C. Brooks

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