Unbelievable Caribbean Puppeteer with Unusual Puppets that ‘Twirk!’ (Video)

puppets twirk

The days of Willie Tyler & Lester are long behind us! Puppeteers are amping up their acts and the experience will never be the same.

We don’t know much about the puppeteer, but we came across a video on YouTube that features what appears to be a street act with puppets that put dirty dancing to shame.  The way the puppeteer gets the puppets to interact with one another is unreal.

It looks like it may be a town in the Caribbean where the puppeteer, who has puppets with faces of little white infant dolls, dressed in clown-like clothes. The dancing is unbelievable because you will swear they are not hanging on a string.

The puppeteer becomes a magician with the homemade dolls on feeble sticks that show no complexity to the craftsmanship.  It is pure talent and “magic” that pulls this special show off.  The male and female puppets take their dance down to the ground, dance around and the male doll gets up behind her and twirks in complete sequence to her twirl.

Watch it! Unbelievable!

-J.C. Brooks


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