NYC Teen Pregnancy Campaign Under Fire for Harsh Ads

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New York City’s social services ad campaign on teen pregnancy takes heat for it’s rough message.

New York City is the largest city in America and they are having problems with certain age residents that helped bolster their numbers.

New teen pregnancy ads are plastered throughout New York City subways and other venues all thanks to New York’s Department of Social Services.  And of course, women who were teenage parents, reproductive health advocates, and other activists feel that the campaign doesn’t help, but hinders by negatively stigmatizing young parents, according to the New York Times.

Planned Parenthood has taken issue with the campaign, criticizing the lack of pregnancy prevention resources that do not accompany the posters.

nyc teen preg ad campaign-collage all
Various NYC teen pregnancy ads plastered throughout the city from New York’s Department of Social Services.

“Planned Parenthood issued a statement denouncing the poster campaign, saying that it ignored the racial, economic and social factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy and instead stigmatized teenage parents and their children.”

The ads actually appear to target and/or exploit the children which magnifies the tasteless tactic taken to thwart teenage pregnancy. Therapists often argue about shaming young people into submission, but there is no argument about something as broad as a citywide campaign.  The mayor’s office disagrees.

“The mayor’s office responded, saying that it was “past time” to be “value neutral” about teenage pregnancy and that it was important to “send a strong message that teen pregnancy has consequences — and those consequences are extremely negative, life-altering and most often disproportionately borne by young women.”

What do you think? Please tell us what you think about the images used to get their point across about teenage pregnancy.  Read more on the controversy here.


3 thoughts on “NYC Teen Pregnancy Campaign Under Fire for Harsh Ads”

  1. I think it balances nicely with the percieved positive effects of teen pregnancy that the reality shows, such as Teen Mom have on teenage girls. There is never anything negative about telling the truth.

  2. What is a nice way to tell a teen that if she has a baby before finishing school and no support from the father that she will (more than likely) live in poverty? Teengage pregancy and young ladies (purposely) getting pregnant without having a husband is a roadmap to disaster and in fact, I believe that it is a pandemic. I see it in my own family and throughout.

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