AMC’s Freakshow Introduces ‘The Creature’ (Video)


Meet Marcus Boykin, also known as, Creature.
Meet Marcus Boykin, also known as, Creature.

While reality shows appear to be popular, I still want to believe that most of us wouldn’t mind seeing them go off the air tomorrow.  They are pushing the envelope every single day and it is sickening to watch.

The newest program on AMC is “Freakshow.”  The show depicts the daily life at Todd Ray’s Venice Beach Freakshow and the lives of the entertainers or “freaks” that are a part of the Freakshow given their daily.  According to AMC, the show features “two-headed animals, strange artifacts, eccentric performers and human wonders.”  The human wonders would include The Creature.

freakshow amc creature-eyes close freakshow amc creature

The Creature is 29-year-old Marcus Boykin or “Jamal.”  He has pierced and tattooed nearly every inch of his body.  He admits that he scares his 5-year-old daughter, but not his 2-year-old son.  He said his son has wanted him to tattoo him ever since he was one.  He said he has to tattoo him with the “stickers” more and more every day.  He obviously wants to be like daddy.  His daughter is a little more sensible about the situation.

Boykin says that his life loses purpose if he’s not piercing his skin.  He also said that he is creature because he’s “create-ing” himself.

“Everything that you’re looking at on my frontal is all done by my own hands.  So, I’m the one that’s creating myself which what makes this like a work in progress, so it will not be done until I’m dead…I have the scars that I have created as a aura around my body.”

To get your evening started with a little treat or hors d’ouevre before Scandal, you can check him out tonight on AMC’S Freakshow at 9:30pm.

Now, meet the freak they call Creature!

-J.C. Brooks

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  1. He has two children? Must be some desperate females out here. Shame on the incubus that afflicted her children with this haint.

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