Attacks on Reporters in Oakland Slows Reporting in the City

violence against reporters

Sometimes reporters have to go into the trenches to get their stories. There have been storms, riots, stand-offs, and other dangerous situations that could threaten a reporter’s life, yet they get in there and report the story anyway…till now.

According to Richard Prince’s Journal-isms, the city of Oakland, California, has become a real hotbed of violence against journalists.  They have seen less action on assignment over in Kuwait or Iraq.  On Saturday, Carol Pogash reported from Oakland in the New York Times:

In recent months, journalists covering crime and other stories here have themselves become victims of crime, robbed of expensive cameras, sometimes at gunpoint.

“In less than a year, every major television news station in the Bay Area has been a victim, some more than once. One experienced newspaper photographer has lost five cameras.”

According to her account, reporters are refusing assignment in the city and others are traveling with plainclothes security guards to protect themselves from attacks like the one that occurred in November when a cameraman for KPIX-TV was beat up by a group of men who made off with his camera while covering a story in front of Oakland high school.  Whoa!

Now we expect this behavior from other crime ridden cities in the country.  What’s going on over there Oakland?  Maybe you’ve been crime ridden and this is why we haven’t heard about it. This is a recipe for disaster if other cities take on the same behavior. The little man with a real story will not be heard.  We pray that reporting isn’t left to all of these amateurs with cell phone video.  As we all know, they film the crime.

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-J.C. Brooks


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