Singing Passengers on Chicago’s L Train Need A Recording Contract!

Unidentified singing talents on Chicago's L Train.
Unidentified singing talents on Chicago’s L Train.

Have you been on the street and/or public transportation and were privy to a free show?  Someone either starts singing, dancing, drawing or playing an instrument and you feel like you should’ve paid at least a $25 admission to see them?

Well we weren’t on the train, but someone recorded a group of guys on what appears to be Chicago’s L train that gave a performance that could hold it’s own in any city’s stage in America.  These guys sang their faces off for a group of passengers and it reminded us of the scene from Barbershop 2, when Avant and Cedric the Entertainer are harmonizing on the back of the train.

The video has been circulating on Facebook, so obviously, we do not know these gentlemen.  But if you could identify them and tell us their story, we’d like to hear it.  Check them out!

-J.C. Brooks

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