Keith Ellison Calls Sean Hannity ‘Worst Excuse for a Journalist’

Sean Hannity and Rep. Keith Ellison go at it over the sequester and ethics.

The Fox News channel is known for their hidden racist agenda and not so subtle conservative viewpoints on the President.  They constantly attack his administration and now that we’re at the brink of sequestering funds from the budget that could harm social services to the poor and elderly throughout the country, more than ever, Fox is on the move with ridiculous rhetoric against the Obama administration.

Notorious conservative and Fox News personality Sean Hannity made a wrong bet when trying to score points off Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), by inviting him on his show as he attacked President Obama. Ellison is the first Muslim elected to Congress and the first African American representing Minnesota.  Both Hannity as well as Ellison should’ve been able to guess the outcome of this explosive mixture.

But maybe that’s why Ellison agreed to come on Hannity’s program.  He wanted to set the record straight on whatever Hannity had concocted to influence the comprehension of his viewers about the sequester.  The interview with Ellison was preceded by a montage of previous speeches given by the president on the sequester and what it will mean to the U.S., with devilish Omen music accompanying his dialogue.

Hannity immediately struck paydirt on infuriating Rep. Ellison with this orchestrated display, as well as his accusations that President Obama is the reason why we’re caught in the sequester quagmire.  But before Rep. Ellison could say anything of note about the sequester, he had to address the pitiful display that Hannity put on before their exchange:

ELLISON: Quite frankly you are the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen.

HANNITY: I can’t hear you.

ELLISON: You heard me.

HANNITY: No, say it again. I didn’t hear you.

ELLISON: What you just displayed was not journalism, It was yellow journalism. It wasn’t anything close to trying to tell the American people what’s really going on, and I mean, it’s just shocking.

It all goes downhill from there.  The back and forth turns into a grade school “I know you are, but what am I” as Ellison would not back down from the disrespectful display Hannity used to set up the interview.

Check it out!

-J.C. Brooks

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