Man Spends Tax Refund on Strippers But Claims Robbery (Video)

Jesus Mata, 21, went to a Texas strip bar called Whispers and spent all of the tax money on strippers!

The male creed extends pass Vegas to every city in the country, “What goes on in the strip club, stays in the strip club!”

Jesus Mata is one of those men.  He snatched up his family’s $1,000 tax refund, made the pledge, and took off to the appropriately named strip club, Whispers, in La Feria, Texas.  Once inside the club, the girls were glad to see him because Mata must’ve had the look of the rainmaker.  But once he made it rain, the drought followed…quickly and he had to come up with a story, according to the Huffington Post.

Mata called the police and told them he was robbed by men in trucks with assault weapons!  C’mon son! If you’re going to make up a lie, don’t go this dramatic! Tell police you think you lost it because they are investigators and Cameron County Sheriff’s Department and the Harlingen Police Department got suspicious.

They tried to track down the trucks, but they were unable to garner results and Mata came clean…to them.  He was arrested for filing a false report.  We are unable to tell you what happened when he got home to his wife, but you may be able to guess.

Check out the entertaining report.

-J.C. Brooks

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