Jokey Joke: Big Rat in the Dressing Room Prank (Video)

TV show sends fake rat in the dressing room with a woman who runs out of there as soon as it gets in.

Women readily admit that they do not do mice.  They will jump up on a couch, a chair, a person, anything that will get them above the disease-ridden menaces scrambling around their floors.

It appears that a spanish-speaking TV show is aware of the fear of the filthy things, so they pranked innocent people with the fattest, phoniest, rat they could find.  The producers figured it would be worth TV gold to surprise people with a rat while they are trying on clothes in a mall store.

Well, the producers for the show were successful at pulling this one off, but those on the receiving end of the prank did not find it funny at all.  In fact, many of them may be suing because they ran out of the dressing room without anything on, but their underwear.

These folks might wanna be careful with this particular prank if they ever decide to film in the U.S. This is land of the free, but it’s also home of the “will sue your ass at the drop of a hat.”  There is no doubt in my mind that if this happened in the U.S., the customers would sue for violation of privacy because of the cameras in the dressing room.

Check it out! But be careful, it might make you cringe.

-J.C. Brooks

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