FINALLY! ‘The Real Real Real Harlem Shake!’ (Video)

A dance crew finally takes back The Harlem Shake.

With all the Harlem Shake meme’s we’ve had the unique pleasure of viewing, there is probably not one video where you can find three or more people in the video actually doing the Harlem Shake.

But finally, we have found a dance crew who demonstrates an authentic Harlem Shake.  The dancers all give a version of the Harlem Shake, but they also add some moves that are unique.  It’s obvious that they are true street dancers because they bring it, baby!

One guy does that hold your leg and jump over it with the other leg move.  But he doesn’t just pull it off, he is able to do it repeatedly.  Another refreshing aspect of their routine is that no one starts break dancing.  YES!  And to top things off, they change the music!

But, out of nowhere along the right side of the room, you’ll see an older white guy walk up from behind. The first think you think is that he’s either a customer getting ready to complain or he’s an employee that is going to tell them they have to leave.  Check it out…neither happens!


-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “FINALLY! ‘The Real Real Real Harlem Shake!’ (Video)”

  1. Thanks for clearing this up for me. I knew that crap they were putting out was fake. Well done, well done.

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