Child Services Investigate Parents of Controversial 9-Year Old Rapper (Video)

Controversial 9-year-old rapper Lil Poopy and just another girl around his way.

Hip-Hop has many different sides and in most of them children should not be involved…just as a precaution. But those who believe it is fine for their children to partake in the rap game, better make sure it’s either the softer side of Hip-Hop or it’s completely G…and that’s not O.G.

A controversial new rapper by the name of Lil’ Poopy, born Luie Rivera Jr., that reps Brockton, Massachusetts, has garnered attention from folks outside the rap world that may end his rap career.  His father Luie Sr., is being investigated by child welfare for abuse and/or negligence, according to Rolling Out.

The Brockton, Mass., police department saw Lil Poopy in his music videos “holding stacks of money”, being chauffeured by big booty women and smacking, what looks to be a stripper, on her butt as she twirks it in the camera.

“It’s a bit much for a 9-year-old. It warrants the attention of the Department of Children and Families,” said police Lt. David Dickinson.

Luie Sr., is oblivious to any wrongdoing and feels that his son’s rap career is nearly respectable:

“I’ll call my lawyer first thing in the morning,” he said. “I love my son, I adore my son,” Rivera told the Boston Herald. “He’s not doing anything wrong. He’s not doing drugs, he’s not drinking alcohol. There are other kids out there killing kids, doing drugs, molesting. He’s just singing hooks. He’s not hurting anyone.”

Well, if he were just singing hooks as you say Mr. Rivera, that doesn’t require him to be present during an entire video where it appears he’s the only one performing outside of the strippers (or possibly hookers) that are letting him slap them on the butt, while wearing a neck full of bling, and standing next to adult males (that may possibly be in his clique) poppin’ bottles as he holds a cup of what?

The cute, but not innocent, Lil Poopy (doesn’t it sound like he should be in diapers?) is the youngest member of a rap clique called French Montana’s Coke Boys crew.  He was interviewed by The Bullett saying that “he’s having the time of his life.”  According to the report, he’s headlined sold-out shows and has shared the stage with Hip-Hop’s well known Rick Ross, Wale and Diddy.

“I started rapping when I was seven,” Poopy, who just turned 10, told Bullett recently from his studio in Brockton, Mass., a gritty city of 100,000 just south of Boston. “I started listening to Rick Ross and Meek Mill and then Ace Hood and now I like Chief Keef.”

Check out the music video “Pop That Remix” that may get his daddy locked up and him put into someone else’s care.  What do you think?  Too much?

-J.C. Brooks

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