Man Gets Job with Chocolate Bar Resume (Video)

Man's chocolate bar resume gets him the job.

Don’t you get tired of seeing all of the different models and templates you should use for your resume and cover letter? They scare you into brevity, conservative, tight, sterile forms of false explanations of self that stray away from who you are and results in you becoming as unbelievable as possible.

But one man, who is only revealed as “Nicholas,” added creativity to his resume that got him the job.  He made a chocolate bar wrapper with his resume on it.  Ingenious, right?!  In the “nutrition facts” area of his “Resume Bar” wrapper were items like: work ethic, leadership, creativity, versatility, motivation, and business acumen.  The ingredients were: Traditional Marketing, Online Marketing, Brand Management, Business Analysis, Product Management, e-Commerce, Online Video, etc.

No one could turn him down for a job in marketing.  The possibilities of what he could do for their business is immediately evinced and the resume itself puts you in a good mood because it’s almost a cute joke.  It certainly gives us all something to think about when we’re applying for a job.  But, be careful depending on the job you’re applying for.

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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