Jacoby Jones Joins Dancing with the Stars (Video)

Jacoby Jones touchdown dance during Super Bowl XLVII.

The Baltimore Ravens are still enjoying their successful season as this year’s Super Bowl champions. For some like Ray Lewis, it was the end of his football career and others are just looking for something to do during the off season.

According to the Washington Post, Jacoby Jones is no longer looking because he’s been drafted by Dancing with the Stars to compete in the next season of the show.  Some may have thought that Ray Lewis would be the likely choice because of his now famous “Squirrel Dance,” but Jones has shown off moves of his own on the field.

After scoring big on a hail mary pass and touchdown that essentially took the Ravens to the Super Bowl and the two touchdowns during the Super Bowl,  Jones showed off a kwirky touchdown dance that must’ve intrigued the producers at the show.

Jones will be joining an elite team of professional football players that have performed on DWTS.  Three of them, Emmet Smith, Hines Ward, and Donald driver have all won the top prize on the show.

Read more here and check out one of Jones quirky dances below.

-J.C. Brooks

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