Homeless Man Returns Woman’s Ring and Donations Pour In (Video)

Billy Ray Harris is a homeless man in Kansas City, Missouri, who discovered an engagement ring in his donation cup and held on to it until its owner came back to reclaim it.

When reading the news these days, we feel like the world has sunk into some sort of morality and/or integrity vacuum that is also sucking the hope out of us. That’s why when even the smallest moments of courageous love is extended from one to another, we applaud and we applaud loud!

Billy Ray Harris is a homeless man that often takes up residence underneath a bridge.  He was on the street asking for donations when Sarah Darling came by and emptied her change purse into his donation cup.  Well, she didn’t just give him her change, she mistakenly threw in her engagement ring, according to CNN.

She went back to find him, but he was gone. When she came back the next day though, he was there:

“I asked him … ‘I don’t know if you remember me, but I think I gave you something that’s very precious to me,’ and he says, ‘Was it a ring? Yeah, I have it, I kept it for you,'” Darling said.

Obviously, the ring is worth much more to her than money and both her and her husband showed their gratitude by setting up a donation site for Harris that has raised $95,000.

Harris said that his grandfather raised him most of his life and it appears that his upbringing is still working for him:

“My grandfather was a reverend and he raised me from the time I was six months old. Thank the good Lord it’s a blessing I do still have some character.”

Bravo Harris! You deserve all of the sentiment of those who are donating.  Brian Harris gave a $10 donation and said:

“If I wasn’t jobless I would give much more, but felt compelled to do something. Billy Ray do your best to become what you’ve always dreamed you could be. Its never too late. God Bless and thanks for never loosing your character in tough times.”

Check out the report. Harris has another surprising lost and found story.

-J.C. Brooks

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