Former Essence EIC Starts Web Mag ‘Cocoa Fab’ for Women of Color

Former Essence editor-in-chief Angela Burt Murray and her partner Shelly Jones Jennings have launched for women of color.

Essence has seen the reigns of power change from hand to hand to hand ever since Susan Taylor gave up the helm.  But, with the change of power comes a change of vision, thus the internal turbulence that we’ve seen at Essence that affects the readers.

But former Editor-in-Chief of Essence Angela Burt-Murray, has carved out a part of the web for her “” site where women of color can see news from their perspective, according to Calming Corners. The site “covers everything from pop culture, celebrity news, style, and beauty.” The site also boasts CocoaTV where news and helpful information is provided via video.

Burt-Murray is in partnership with digital media strategist Shelly Jones Jennings and it is a division of their company, Cocoa Media Group.  According to the report, they have enjoyed a successful launch.  Their success is probably steeped in their goals for the site:

“I was having a conversation with co-founder Shelly Jones Jennings and we both felt like there was a need for more compelling, fresh and engaging content for women of color,” she says. After a year of planning was born. When visiting the site, Burt-Murray would like the experience to “create an escape for young women, as if you were hanging out with your girlfriends and getting the latest scoop on entertainment, fashion, and beauty.”

By launching the site, Burt-Murray encourages young women to follow their dreams as well:

“If you find what you love, are passionate about it and can’t think of anything else you are meant to do, then you can’t fail. Once you truly find what you love to do, bet on yourself and take it from there.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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