NY Mom Charged for Providing Strippers for Her Son’s 16th Birthday

Strippers perform at Sweet 16 birthday party for Judy Viger's son and guests at a New York bowling alley November 3, 2012.

A lot of mom’s seem to be competitive when it comes to celebrations for their children.  The birthday party has to be impeccable with all the right tricks and treats for the invited guests.  But it’s apparent that one mother didn’t get the memo on what types of tricks and treats should be given out.

New York mother, Judy Viger, 33, is facing charges because she thought she’d capture the trophy for coolest moms with a little stripper action at her son’s sweet 16…which was much sweeter than he would’ve ever imagined.  Viger’s 80 guests were as young as 13, and one 15-year old’s parent was enraged by photos she saw of lap dances given at the party on her son’s Facebook page.  She then called in the cops, according to New York Daily News.

According to the report, the strippers were hired from Tops in Bottoms and they will not face charges because the company has fully participated with the investigation and told the police that they were not aware that the participants were going to be underage.  But according to the District Attorney’s office in Saratoga County, there will be a separate investigation into the ladies giving their performance in the Pine Lanes Bowling Alley where they serve liquor.

All of this tom foolery could land Viger in jail for up to a year.  But an interesting part of the report is that some of the parents were outraged by the strip tease, yet no one stopped the performances…and they got pretty lewd as you can see above.

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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