Microsoft Makes Big Move from Hotmail to Outlook (Video)

Everyone gets attached to the way they navigate the internet.  Whether it be using Yahoo e-mail or Instagram for your photos, there are ways you get around the internet that are familiar and comfortable for you.  But some of us are getting ready to endure a small change.

The Hotmail users out there are getting ready to involuntarily and/or voluntarily switch over to Microsoft’s Outlook.  Don’t fret though, you can still use your Hotmail address, but the format of your e-mail will be different, according to the Los Angeles Times.  The upgrade to Microsoft’s products and the launch of new ones are also a push to get you to embrace the magical Cloud.

But, not only is Microsoft updating their e-mail, they have launched major upgrades to remain competitive with companies like Google and Apple.  Microsoft has a new tablet called The Surface, they launched the new operating system Windows 8 last year, and their 365, utilizes the Cloud to make their software available to you wherever you need them.

But Microsoft has fallen underneath Google with a mere 300 million Hotmail users, while Google boasts 425 million Gmail users. So, Microsoft said, we better do something quick! And Outlook is the result.  The new look or Outlook is available now if you want to upgrade, but there are some that will just wait and be pushed into the new web-based e-mail later.

Check out the commercial for the new service and read more about the change here.

-J.C. Brooks

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