Michigan Dept. of Human Services Fined for Monkey on Woman’s Desk

Crystal Perry went up against Michigan's Department of Human Services for being passed over for a promotion, but justice was served for the monkey placed on her desk.

In the workplace, it is hard to prove discrimination, sexual harrassment, and/or plain ol’ harrassment. So, when someone gets results in cases like this, it is exciting…no matter what the reward may be.

Crystal Perry works for Michigan’s Department of Human Services (DHS), and she tried to prove that she was passed over for a promotion in 2010, because of racial discrimination, but she was not successful in proving her claims. Well, Ingham County Circuit Judge Rosemarie Aquilina learned that there was a monkey placed on her desk…something that made the judge give Perry a second glance, according to the Huffington Post.

In fact, the judge had this to say:

“(It) is despicable,” said Judge Aquilina, according to court transcripts cited by the Lansing Journal. “It is not worthy of any state department. It is a continued, hostile work environment. It is upsetting. It is beneath any American.”

Racists, racists, racists.  Haven’t you learned by now that losers never win?  Judge Aquilina levied an appropriate fine for their little racist prank too.  She fined DHS $1,000 for each day the monkey sat on Perry’s desk which totaled $21,000 for 21 days.  In addition, she made DHS pay Perry’s legal fees.

Read more here. Congratulations Perry!

-J.C. Brooks

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