A NYC Whole Foods Uses Racist Ad for Today’s Chicken Sale

There are places where you don’t expect to encounter racists.  Especially those places where you think white liberals and bohemians might frequent and/or places that promote clean living and better thinking.  It appears nothing could be further from the truth.  They are everywhere! Even in a major grocery store chain.

I received an e-mail today from a woman that took pics on the upper westside of New York City where Whole Foods is having a sale today.  There is a picture outside the store on an ad easel that appears to depict Obama with his mouth wide open screaming the praises of discounted “whole organic chicken” to potential customers.

An ad for today's sale at the Whole Foods on W. 97th street on the upper west side of New York City, appears to depict President Obama as excited and yelling about the sale of "whole organic chicken" to potential customers while waving a little orange flag with the "animal welfare rating" on it.

The residents are upset about it and want you to get the information to organize a boycott of the store and force an explanation and/or apology from the health food grocery store.  This particular location of Whole Foods is on W97th st. near Columbus Square and the President Obama look-a-like is saying:

“WOW! Over 25% off! $1.99 per lb. reg. $2.69”

If you know anything about these seemingly racist ads, let us know.  If not, avoid the store and it’s sale until you get some answers.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “A NYC Whole Foods Uses Racist Ad for Today’s Chicken Sale”

  1. I’m sorry, but I see nothing racist here. What I DO see is political. They put the President’s face up there to sell something. Not a black man, not a white man or woman or child. The PRESIDENT. Get over yourselves people! Stop playing the race card every time a white person farts. Oh no! It’s gender biased! They put a MAN on the ad! Why not a woman???? And for God’s sakes, not a BLACK woman. That’s racist! Are you saying a white woman isn’t good enough to sell chicken? No, I um…forget it. Just as long as they don’t put one of those thieving Jacksons on the ad. And that’s not racial, that’s anti crime bias!!! Come to think of it, let’s take the prez off there too. Would you like a white man on there? Then you’d be complaining they are prejudiced and won’t use a black person in the ad! Ya’ll are NEVER happy! It’s NOT RACIST unless YOU make it so!

  2. Racist here, racist there, racist everywhere. Whoever writes this garbage should take a look in the mirror!

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