The 13th Amendment to Abolish Slavery Finally APPROVED in Mississippi

Mississippi state capitol in Jackson, Mississippi.

A true black history moment is taking place right now in this country…over 100 years from the time it was supposed to actually make history.

The state of Mississippi never ratified the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery as well as involuntary servitude with the rest of the colonies back in 1865, according to New York Daily News.  They knew they hadn’t ratified the amendment as late as 1995, when they allegedly submitted the paperwork.  But, due to an oversight….yada, yada, yada, yeah right!

The “oversight” came to light because Dr. Ranjan Batra, a neurobiology professor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, saw the Oscar-nominated film “Lincoln,” and were interested in seeing the historical document that the film centers around, but it was not available.

When he talked with his friend, Ken Sullivan, he followed up on the lack of papers available to substantiate the abolishment of slavery in the state.  The National Archives Office of the Federal Register confirmed that Mississippi had not ratified the 13th Amendment.

But with more follow through from Sullivan, they were able to see the amendment FINALLY confirmed at the beginning of this month. Wow! What a black history moment!

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-J.C. Brooks


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