Fox Radio Hosts Mock 102-Year Old Woman that Waited Hours to Vote for Obama (Video)

Fox News Hosts (l to r) Bill Hemmer, Brian Kilmeade, and Martha MacCallum disrespect 102-year-old Desiline Victor for being recognized at the President's State of the Union Address, Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

American voters should never make another excuse about getting to the polls and voting again.  The example set at last fall’s election has set the bar high for everyone.

Desiline Victor is 102 years old and she waited on line for over three hours to get her chance to vote for Obama.  Victor is a Haitian farmer who resides in Miami and became a citizen in 2005.  She voted in the 2008 election as well. But according to Rev. Al Sharpton, over 200,000 people in Florida were kept from voting in last year’s election because of the voter suppression efforts by Republicans that kept the lines long and voting complicated.

But not Victor.  She participated in early voting and according to the President during his speech, “she was told that the wait might be at least six hours” when she arrived at a Miami-Dade public library.  According to MSNBC:

“Florida Republicans passed legislation shortening the early vote period from 14 to 8 days, a move many believe had disproportionate impact on minority voters trying to cast ballots.”

Desiline Victor, 102, receiving a standing ovation at the President's State of the Union address Tuesday, February 12, 2013.

President Obama invited Desiline Victor to his first State of the Union address Tuesday, and she received a standing ovation for her heroic deed.  But, Fox News hosts Brian Kilmeade, Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer, thought that she did nothing special and they wonder what the big deal is about her voting.

Sharpton exposed their ridiculous remarks on his show Politics Nation:

What else is she doing?  Are you serious?  But they go even further:

But after that, Hemmer said:

“They held her up as a victim!” Hemmer alleged. “What was she the victim of? Rashes on the bottom of her feet?”

What?  Did he really say “rashes on her feet”?  How ’bout we ask yo mama…..I digress…l’ll let Al Sharpton take over from here.

-J.C. Brooks

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