NC Jeweler Offers Shotguns with $1500 Valentine’s Day Purchase

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!  The day is off to a good start for gun supporters in North Carolina.  They get a treat if they get their significant other a treat.

Snowden’s Jewelers in Wilmington, North Carolina, is offering a free shotgun or $300 voucher to Executive Arms if the customer spends at least $1500 with them today.  So, the man or woman can get their honey a ring and immediately award themselves with a shotgun, according to local NBC affiliate WECT.

Some residents of Wilmington that were interviewed thinks that with all that has been happening in the country–especially the massacre at the Sandy Point elementary school in Connecticut–the promotion has poor timing. Other residents think that the promotion is “great.”

The owner of the store, Chris Snowden, is pro-gun, but says this offer has nothing to do with politics:

“It’s purely business. I just want to encourage people to come in and get what they want…I’m a gun enthusiast myself.  I just thought it’d be fun.”

Check out the report.

-J.C. Brooks

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