The ‘Harlem Shake’ Meme Goes Viral and Promotes ‘Trap’ Music! (Video)

Harlem Shake meme catching fire on the internet.

The internet is on fire with an old dance performed to new music…well, new to us.

The Harlem Shake has been around for a long time, but now folks have decided to put the dance in these wildly staged dance videos that are edited for effect.  The dance is set to “trap” music which is a genre that has been around, but is now getting a high level of exposure due to the Harlem Shake meme.

Just in the last few days, these videos are getting viewed by the hundreds of thousands, according to the Atlantic Wire. The music has a driving beat that is similar to Psy’s Gangnam Style.  It builds up and then gets folks dancing like a rhythmless nation, shaking all over the place.  But unfortunately, if you don’t know what the Harlem Shake looks like, you will not find it in these videos.

The videos are called the Harlem Shake, but you probably won’t find one person in the video actually doing it.  The staged videos show one person in the room dancing or having convulsions, whichever, and then as the music builds, the whole room bursts with zombie looking dancers shaking all over the place.

Check out some of the videos for yourself.  If you can find someone doing the Harlem Shake, let us know!

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “The ‘Harlem Shake’ Meme Goes Viral and Promotes ‘Trap’ Music! (Video)”

  1. In the Portland video, the guy with the white shirt and biker helmet is doing a variation of the harlem shake… when he grabs the bottom of his T-shirt and shakes it back and forth

  2. The new harlem shake videos are crazy… A company in our field just made one and then it’s like everyone in the field followed. Have to get on the band wagon 🙂

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